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Exploring Fine Arts with Preschoolers by Pamela Evans

When you think of art and preschoolers do you think of crafts and splashes of paint at an easel? Many people do and that is just fine, but you can expose your child to so much more. Preschoolers are the perfect age to go to an art museum. They often see  more in a painting than adults! Preschoolers are drawn to color, movement, and mystery.

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Art and Free Play by Pamela Evans

Parents often ask me, "What's the one thing you would recommend I do at home for my preschooler?" To be honest my answer changes. I might say, "Outdoor explore time everyday." or "Have a nature table or area in your home for all those natural treasures you child brings inside."

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Bringing Nature Home by Pamela Evans

Young children have fabulous memories and we want to promote both memory and creativity.  After a nice hike, a trip to a beautiful garden, a beach, or just a day spend in the backyard, take a few minutes at home to have your child recall something they particularly liked and remembered.

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