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Too Much Stuff - A Holiday Reminder by Pamela Evans

Perhaps this year more than most, as many of us are spending so much time at's important to remember that too much stuff gets in the way of enjoying life.

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Happy Holidays by Pamela Evans

It’s that time of year when many of us, children especially, are overwhelmed with the excitement of the season and too much stuff. There are times when we have little control over generous family members and family traditions, so the key to a happy holiday season with young children, is to build in some down time and to manage expectations.

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Thanksgiving by Pamela Evans

Oh the Holidays! It really is a wonderful time of year, made even brighter if you have young children in the house. The keys to a joyful holiday are to enjoy the little moments and be as careful as you can be about over stimulation.  It’s those little moments, playing a game with family, laughing at family stories, and enjoying a special yummy treat, which your child will remember.

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