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Music At Home - Part 2 by Pamela Evans

Music at Home - Part 1, gave you a few ideas, In Part 2, We’ll do a short sample music session. You can always extend this session by following your child's lead for movement, dancing, and singing. Repetition is key for developing internal beat.

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Music At Home - Part 1 by Pamela Evans

You can sing or make up rhythms anywhere, anytime, but today we’ll talk about some ideas for having a regular music time at home. Some of my preschool families have been asking for ideas for a music class at home so in this 2-part series I plan to cover some of the basics to get you started.

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Early Exposure to Live Music by Pamela Evans

Early exposure to live music can be life changing for preschoolers and fun for the whole family. There are music classes and children's concerts but you don't have to spend money to add  live music to your child's life!

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