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Shout out to Parents of Preschoolers by Pamela Evans

As we move through these unprecedented times, I am so impressed with the resilience and creativity of the preschool parents in my community. It’s easy to become so stressed and worried that you shut down - but if you have a preschooler in the house – you don’t have that luxury. Thanks goodness!

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New Year, New Page by Pamela Evans

Happy New Year Everyone!

With the New Year comes a new feature at 

The home of the Preschool Parent Blog with have a new page starting in February, The Preschool Parent Book Review! We are so excited to add this new feature. It will include reviews of books by professionals in the parenting field, as well as current parents of preschoolers. The Preschool Parent Book Review not only provides reviews on parenting books, but also on favorite children's books new and old. 

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Nature Indoors by Pamela Evans

Today’s post is a short one to wrap up our “Nature Indoors” week. 

The Preschool Parent Blog is at its heart a resource blog for parents of preschoolers, so today I am listing quality references, ideas, and conversations about bringing the outdoors inside.

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