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Positive Bedtime Routines by Pamela Evans

Evening routines are just as important as morning routines. We all know it can be a joy, but at times it can also be a problem. Bedtime is different for each child and family. The question is not what your bedtime routine is, but rather is everyone getting plenty of sleep, including the parents? If what you’re doing is working for everyone in the house then life is good! If you or your child are stressed at bedtime, or if you or your child are not getting regular sleep then it is worth taking the time to build a better evening routine.

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Morning Routines! by Pamela Evans

School has started…how are your mornings going?

An organized start to the day at home gives your child the best start to his or her preschool day as well. A good morning routine works for the whole family. Here are a few things to think about as you establish one that works for your family.

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Is it important to be on time for preschool? by Pamela Evans

We all know routine is very important for young children.  Children and adults feel better if they know what is going to happen in their day.  I’m just talking about a basic schedule.  It doesn’t mean things don’t change or the occasional surprise doesn’t happen, but it’s comforting to have a routine and know what to expect.  Today’s question goes beyond the basic routine and onto the specifics of why it’s important to be on time for preschool even if it wasn’t necessarily important for the earlier daycare years.

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Preschoolers and Adult Hate Crimes by Pamela Evans

For parents raising preschoolers it is important to remember, you are their world.  It is your job to keep their life as normal as possible.  The current national discourse is extremely divisive, but these are adult problems.  It is important not to put undo pressure on a young child.

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