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Water and Nature's Treasures by Pamela Evans

Children and adults alike are fascinated by water. It is calming to the touch. The sounds of water can also have a soothing effect. And it is visually can be hypnotic. Items change color in water. Water refracts light in ways that make a child stop and look again and again. As you place your hand in water it can look like you fingers are going in a strange direction. They may also appear to change size.

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Let’s Go Outside! by Pamela Evans

Young children thrive outdoors, and not just in the warm weather. Knowing their world in all seasons is not only inviting to a child, but gives your child the gift of feeling comfortable outside all year as an adult. 

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Learning to See by Pamela Evans

You’re never too young or too old to learn to see like an artist.  A great way to start is to bring something from outside to paint or draw. 

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Silence is Golden (and educational) by Pamela Evans

In this fast pace world there is a lot of rushing and talking and explaining.  As caregivers for young children we want to build vocabulary and understanding, but we also need to give children time to think and develop their inner voice.

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