This month the Preschool Parent Book Review has focused on books to help children through difficult issues. This post focuses on childhood anxiety.

Does your child suffer from anxiety? Or the what-if syndrome? William does. Author Carol Wulff is a licensed social worker and parent of a child with anxiety. In this, her first “William” book and her new release William, The What-If Wonder & His Sleepover Worries, Wulff helps children learn to acknowledge fears, redirect them, and relieve anxiety. As William goes through new experiences, He learns that he has the power to push those what-ifs away.

William, The What-If Wonder on His First Day of School includes a note to parents and caregivers by pediatric psychologist, Margaret R. Mauzé. Her insight on how to use this book to help your child counter the “What-Ifs” are invaluable.

My only caveat for parents:

If your child is just having normal nerves about going to school. That’s fine. We learn to handle change by going through it. Sometimes it’s the parents who have the fears and project them onto a child. If you have concerns you may want to have this book on hand – just in case. If your child is excited and a bit anxious about starting school, that’s normal, you don’t want to introduce fears that they don’t already have :)

This is a necessary book for children who truly suffer from anxiety. It shows how a child has the power to overcome their fears and provides space for parents or therapists to discuss and reassure an anxious child.

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