Hello parents of preschoolers, here we go again, starting a new school year. It’s a busy time and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the things you think you should be doing for your child. You may even feel pressure to sign your preschooler up for extra social, physical, or academic activities. I know several parents who have confided to me, that they feel like they are taking on too much, but they want what’s best for their child. If that sounds like you, read on!
I want to start by saying that socialization is as important for your preschooler as social time with adults is for you. I am not saying don’t sign your preschooler up for any activities; I’m saying be smart about it and keep things in perspective. If you put your child into activities that place stress on you (either due to time constraints, scheduling, or budget) you may not be able to give your child and family what they really need. Your child needs calm focused time with you. It’s better to be home learning how to fold the laundry with a smiling parent than being rushed all over town with an over scheduled, stressed parent. Pick and choose wisely. Meeting with friends for a hike is arguably better for both of you than heading to your third activity of the week. Especially true if this is another activity where you sit and watch.
Don’t’ get me wrong; I’m all for preschoolers learning to swim, dance, paint, and playdates are the best. I’m just saying be careful not to over schedule. Your child will be off doing his or her own thing before you know it. As your child’s most influential teacher, relaxed time with you, in an increasingly frenetic world, is priceless.