I’m not one for big New Year’s resolutions, but occasionally reviewing your space to make it work better for you is a good idea. So here is a quick focus on what works well for preschoolers… the specifics will be decided by your child and family.

Children need space. Space to grow, learn, reflect, share, and enjoy. You don’t need a big house to provide space. A small clear area where your child can relax works. Perhaps a little corner where you can place a small table for projects and a shelf for art supplies and books. For young minds, less really is more. It’s hard to think and be creative if there is stuff everywhere.

For young children, simple is best. They can use scarves as dress up, to build a fort, wings, a fairy house, or a magic show. Simple art supplies can be used in so many ways. Don’t underestimate the power of crayons. Many professional artists use them. They work differently on various surfaces. Coloring on a piece of slate is a novel experience. Let your child try out new materials. A round artist brush and water works beautifully on slate. Once it dries, the picture is gone and your child can make a new one. It’s a perfect way to enjoy making art without getting attached to the product.

A cleared space, inside or outside, allows for a calm mind. If possible, keep the area around your child’s bed free of clutter, with a little open space. It will create a more restful evening. This works for adults too. I’m off to free up some space in my home!