It’s easy to over schedule young children. Make sure your child has plenty of down time. It takes quiet time to process everything your child learns each day. Try not to fill that time with too many classes and video distractions. Not only is rest important, but creativity often comes out of boredom.

Time for a child to assimilate what they’ve learned and reflect on it, only comes when they have nothing to do. Once they move past the I’m bored stage many children find their own creative activities—especially if they have access to craft materials and a place to work on their own. It could be an art table and shelf at home or it may be your backyard and nature’s materials.

We often talk about the importance of socialization for preschoolers. Socialization is important. But down time should also be a priority. If you’re a parent who loves to schedule things, be sure to schedule some open time for your child to grow and create on their own.

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