Early exposure to live music can be life changing for preschoolers and fun for the whole family. There are music classes and children's concerts but you don't have to spend money to add live music to your child's life!
Depending on where you live you may have many opportunities. Often cities offer free performance to bring people downtown on a friday evening and libraries often offer free programs as well. Those are the more obvious venues, but many cities have municipal bands or local orchestras whose missions are to bring free quality music to the community. There are some pretty fabulous high school bands and orchestras that have free concerts during the year. You may want to check out your local high school's music program. It could benefit your preschooler.
You may say, "I just don't think my preschooler will sit for a concert." That is exactly why these free concerts make sense. Pick an aisle seat for easy exit. If you have to, you can leave without interrupting the concert or worrying about wasted ticket money. Music should be fun for children. Some children are amazed by a band or orchestra and will watch and listen for 20 or 30 minutes or more. Others children need to move to the music and that may well be possible once you know your venues. Our local high school has an area behind the audience where little siblings often dance while the music is playing. As long as they're quiet no one minds.
Our municipal band does a free family concert (fun kid friendly music) every summer, and a bout 8 other free concerts during the year. Check out your town and get your child out to some live concerts. Musical opinions can form at a very young age so expose your child to different types of music and lots of instruments. Then the whole world of music will be a possibility for your child as he or she grows older. Whether your child becomes a performer or an audience member, music will enrich your child's life.