January is a great time to get outside even if (especially if) your world is frozen. No need to travel to discover new worlds – they are all around you and your child. Study rocks, tree bark, grass, leaves, snow, and ice. What can your child see with their eyes? With a magnifying glass? With a pocket microscope?
Winter is a great time to focus on those little details. Young children are natural explorers. With a blank book your child can start a nature journal and draw their discoveries. If you don’t already have one, a pocket microscope is a wonderful investment. Your child will find new discoveries inside and outside.
Here’s a link to the type I have used with young children outside. They are inexpensive, pretty rugged, and easy to use.
It’s worth getting a good one to use for years to come. Here is a link to a review of top contenders ranging from $7 to $140!