Games make great gifts for the whole family. I wish everyone a happy holiday season with plenty of time for family, games, and puzzles. These are a wonderful way to build joyful memories. Here are a couple fun board games for preschoolers.
I come from a family that really enjoys time together playing games. All kinds of games from physical games like hide and seek to board games and strategy games. Games are particularly good for preschoolers as they give them plenty of social practice. Think of all the things you practice with a game. First there are the particular skills required for the game that may include counting, sorting, or thinking ahead a little. Next there are the social skills, turn taking, asking for help, accepting you’ve lost, and many cooperative games require working together.

With time and patience preschoolers can master even fairly complicated games, but it is important to start with simple games so your child has fun and does not get frustrated. Here are some games that start simple but also have more advanced version so they can grow with your child.

I just love this game and all the beautiful wooden game pieces –
First Orchard

Hoot Owl Hoot (cooperative game)

Sequence For Kids (strategy game)

And some of my young friends would never forgive me if I didn’t mention-
Feed The Woozle