Preventable disease complications and deaths are adding up in the US, Europe, and other locations. Vaccines worked so well that we have all forgotten what it was like before we had them.
My parents were born in the 1920’s and hearing their stories of neighbors with polio, complications from measles or mumps, and deaths from whooping cough makes me so thankful that I have grown up and raised my family in the era of immunizations. As a parent I understand the fear of taking a healthy child into the doctor's office to get an immunization shot. Social media can make it difficult to separate fact from fear. We all have our scientific blind spots and reasons for them. Some refute climate change and ignore all the research of scientists in the field, Others still believe the Earth is flat. I know that's extreme, but I encourage all parents to look at the facts and check who is giving out the information you are consuming. Please do not get your medical information off of social media or from hearsay. Are vaccines perfect? Of course not and there are children who definitely should not be vaccinated. Here is some information about the pros and cons…,,20476515,00.html?

The C’Ville has a well research article on the current vaccination issue. No one wants to hear the sounds of a child with whooping cough unable to breath. No one wants to watch young children unnecessarily die or have serious complications from preventable diseases like measles.

Lastly, large groups of unvaccinated children present a real risk to the health of those who cannot be immunized and to some pregnant women. Let's keep these preventable diseases in the past where they belong.