We all know routine is very important for young children.  Children and adults feel better if they know what is going to happen in their day.  I’m just talking about a basic schedule.  It doesn’t mean things don’t change or the occasional surprise doesn’t happen, but it’s comforting to have a routine and know what to expect.  Today’s question goes beyond the basic routine and onto the specifics of why it’s important to be on time for preschool even if it wasn’t necessarily important for the earlier daycare years.
Most preschools gather in the morning for some sort of circle time or morning meeting. This short but important time sets the tone of the day. It is often used to discuss any issues the children are having with each other as well as letting children know what is happening in the school that day. It is generally a calm time when children can share their thoughts and feelings. We all have days where being late is unavoidable, but if your child is late on a regular basis, it can make his or her day much harder than it should be.
Here are some reasons why it matters.
Your child will not have a consistent comforting start to the day.
Your child will not know what to expect during the particular day or may not know how to do something all the other children learned at meeting.
Even with a teacher who tries to spend one on one time to show your child what everyone is doing, your child may feel singled out or confused.
Everyone needs a few minutes to settle in, but if your child enters meeting late, he or she may be expected to join a meeting already in progress, which can be stressful.
Lastly, your child coming in late can disrupt the meeting for all the children.
I know, I sound like an old school teacher. But it is true. I have had many meetings end early or go into disarray for a bit because we need to bring in a late child. Often we just start over which is not the worst thing in preschool, but it’s not something you want to have to do everyday. It happens and teachers make it work, but we want the best start to the day for all the children.
Routines are important and give children a sense of control and the peace of mind that comes with knowing what to expect next. Help your child get a great start to the school day!