March is a great time to get outdoors. I know, I say that about every month! But there is something about a nice spring day that makes a walk outside invigorating and we can make learning letters outside fun too.

This is a simple activity, but it can be quite intense. A path you normally walk, or even your backyard may be seen from a different perspective, with the alphabet game.

So, what are we doing this month? Looking for letters in nature. It may be a tree branch curved like a U. A round rock can be an O. Crossing branches for an X. Leaves can form many letters. If there is a letter your child can’t find, can it be made out of sticks and leaves? Is there a sandy or muddy place to draw a letter with a stick?

There’s no need to complete a whole alphabet, unless your child wants to. A few letters are enough. Keep it fun. And though you may start having fun finding letters (adults usually do) try to let your child be the “letter finder” as much as possible.

I like that this is a fun activity outside, and you don’t need a product. That said, I have young friends who like making a nature alphabet by gluing sticks and leaves onto cardboard. If you bring a few items (pine needles, sticks, grass, moss, leaves) inside in advance, a nature alphabet – or just spelling out a child’s name – can be a fun activity for a day when you can’t get outside.