To quote Pollyanna, “If you look for the bad in people you’re sure to find it, so look for the good in them instead.” The same can be said of our public schools. There is a lot of misinformation out there, and the schools are a political football, so today I thought it worth my while to write a little bit about how lucky we are in this country to have a generally good public school system.
Does that mean that every public school is great or has everything you want for your child? No it does not. In fact you would be hard pressed to find any school that meets all of any individual's wants. There are always times when individuals may need or choose a private school. If you are considering leaving your public school system, it is important to make an informed choice and realize what you are giving up as well as what you may be gaining.
Recently a post has been circulating on Facebook showing how bad the "factory teaching system" is and how keeping kids at their desk all day with no creative, inquisitive, or play time is a problem. I agree, but none of my friends who teach in the public school system teach in that way. They are professionals who received training every year in the best ways to engage children. This includes outdoor time, state changes, and small groups (which often are child led within age appropriate parameters). Public school teachers are generally held to a high standard of education, understanding of child development, and safety training.
Whatever school you choose for your child, be involved because understanding the system your child is in will allow you to help your child get the most out of school. Watch for an upcoming post on how to make a difference in your public schools and change them for the better!
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