As we move through these unprecedented times, I am so impressed with the resilience and creativity of the preschool parents in my community. It’s easy to become so stressed and worried that you shut down - but if you have a preschooler in the house – you don’t have that luxury. Thanks goodness!
You are your child’s world now more than ever. Staying in the present is a necessity. Walks and time outside are really important for both of you. It’s a great time for your child to develop some independent skills or deepen ones they have already. Having an art area with a few supplies your child can use on their own is a great start.
I wish you all health, calmness, clarity, and fun with your child. Here are a few resources too:

Explaining Covid19 and helping children

101 Fun Things to Do with a Preschooler…it’s just a list, but on a day when you’re not feeling too creative it could come in handy!

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