We live in amazing times when it comes to new knowledge about the universe. You can learn with your child about planet Earth, our solar system, and beyond. Unless you are a major science geek, you’ll probably find there have been a lot of new discoveries since you were in school. The new pictures from the James Webb Space Telescope are a treat for all ages.

Even young children love learning about space. The NASA links below are full of facts and activities for kids. That said do you have a big cardboard box, or even fabric you and your child can hang (clothes pins work well) to make your own rocket ship. A project like this can keep your child busy playing for days. The real facts and pictures from NASA will give your child tons of ideas.

Reading Ezra Jack Keats, “Regards to the Man on the Moon,” is a great way to start you rocket ship building.

How about a big space painting? Is there a place where you can lay out a big piece of paper, maybe outside. After drawing stars and comets with crayons, spray bottles filled with food coloring and water (or nontoxic watercolor paints) can make great nebulas.

Check out NASA’s space place for information for kids as well as crafts…


Pictures from the new James Webb Space Telescope…