Change is all around us: Seasons, Weather, End of a School Year, People. As soon as we get a comfortable rhythm in life—the baby has regular nap times, your child is happy at school pick up, you have a familiar morning routine—it changes. But you can learn to love change or at least live well with it.

Because you and your child have certain expectations, change can cause distress and worry. Some change, like sleep routines can leave you exhausted. Know that change is coming. Welcome it when you can. Manage it when it’s not welcome.

The best advice for helping preschoolers with change in their lives is to let them know ahead of time, if possible, so you can manage expectations. Let your child know change is normal. Look for the good in the change, because dealing with unexpected change is part of life. Acknowledging it (but not dwelling on it) is good practice for your child’s life ahead.

If there is one thing in life that is constant, it’s change.