As we’ve learned from the Swedes, There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes. Many of us try to hide from the rain as we grow up, and if that sounds like you, you may be missing the joys of spring rain with your preschooler.

Joys like: the feel of raindrops on your tongue, mud pies, hopping in puddles, finding worms, seeing the deepening of nature’s colors when wet, turning chalk drawings into paintings, collecting rain in a pan and floating leaf boats, dancing in the rain, and if you’re lucky enough to be near woods or streams you can view what insects, birds, and small critters do in the rain.

Of course, safety comes first. No one needs to be out playing in a thunderstorm, but a gentle rain is a great time for a child to explore changes to their outdoor world—don’t miss it.

Here’s a site for checking out rain gear options…