If you are lucky enough to live where you get snow in the winter, you know the joy children feel when they get to play, sled, build a snowman, and throw snowballs. There is also nothing like a Winter Nature Walk even if it's just at the local park or in your own back yard.
Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you can't enjoy and learn a lot about nature. In fact, it's a great time to be an explorer. Snow allows children to follow animal tracks. Detective work is often required - "What happened here?" "Where did the tracks go?" "What animal was here?"
Winter is an interesting time to watch birds, squirrels, and other animals. You can see them much more clearly against the snow.
As fun as play time is in the snow, be sure to have some quiet time outside too. Warm clothing layers and boots are all you need though some binoculars may come in handy too. Winter is a great time to walk outside and notice the changes in plants and animals, even if you don't have snow.