When it comes to raising your little one, parents can be overwhelmed by the emotions of wonder and worry. A new world opens up before you and you see things you used to take for granted in a new light. At the same time each bruise, word, or action of your little one (or people around your little one) can cause you to question and worry about everything and anything.
There are two kinds of wonder that a young child can bring into your life. First those feelings of amazement, as you look at your little person. Each new word your child learns, every new skill from walking to running to climbing. The joys of watching your child learn how to get dressed independently and develop his or her own opinions. As you witness these incredible changes, no person knows your child better than you do. You know your child’s sleep routine even if it changes from week to week. You know your child’s food preference. You know what upsets your child and what makes your child happiest.
The second type of wonder comes as you start to see the world through your child’s discovering eyes. Your child adores the unexpected weed that plopped itself into your garden, which you would have pulled out before, but now you see its beauty too. Don’t get me started on dandelions. Oh those beautiful yellow flowers and no one minds if you pick them!
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Now your little wonder is ready for preschool and will have independent time away from you, this can be both wonderful and worrying. Resources for dealing with the worries that accompany this new stage in your life with your child will be posted later this week in part 2.