When it comes to raising your little one, parents can be overwhelmed by the emotions of wonder and worry. A new world opens up before you and you see things you used to take for granted in a new light. At the same time each bruise, word, or action of your little one (or people around your little one) can cause you to question and worry about everything and anything.
It’s hard not to worry about your preschool, but when is worry justified and when does it get in the way or you and your child’s growth. I won’t spend a lot of time in this post dealing with separation anxiety; you can find an earlier post on that type of worry here…

There are times when worries, justified or not, get the best of us. It’s important not to let worry stop you and your child from enjoying life, learning, and growing together. For some families worrying becomes a real burden for parents and children alike. Too much worrying can cause you to miss out on all the good things that are happening each day.
Here is a good list of some parents concerns when it comes to preschool and how to handle these worries. Remember over talking things can be over whelming and counterproductive!
It’s easy to worry about everything. Here’s a bit of advice regarding when you really should worry…

Keep your eye on the prize. The real goal is helping your child to become an independent, competent person. Preschool is where it starts. Children need to believe they are competent in their world and can handle going to school. A preschooler can pick out his own clothes, brush his hair, go to preschool, and more. Parents and teachers have to let go and allow children to trust in their own competence. Coddled children and adults lack confidence and always seek the guidance of others, which can lead them astray when you’re not around. Good life skills start young while you, the parent, are there to make sure choices are safe and appropriate.