High fantasy and adventure as Amari leaves her difficult, normal home and school life for summer leadership camp…but really it’s something much more magical. Speaking of magic, Amari has no idea she has any special abilities. It’s not going to be easy to compete with other students who grew up in this magical world. It’s even more difficult to figure out who to trust.

B.B Alston has created a new classic story and unforgettable world, within our world. Be sure to lose yourself in this story soon…the sequel comes out in April of 2022 so you’ll want to be ready.

A note about the author. I have noticed B.B Alston has used his good fortune (through talent) that has come with the popularity of Amari to donate books and supplies to so many school teachers this year. He is an author to follow!

Grades 3-7

Learn more here…  https://www.bbalston.com/books/