Amelia Gray is a shy girl who has changed schools 39 times as she travels with her dad and her dog from design job to design job. With that many moves, there’s no point in making friends at school. Amelia knows how to blend in and fade away from people. No complications.

Until one summer when her dad takes on a special job and she’ll be spending some time in one town. As any middle-schooler who has moved knows, this is an opportunity to reinvent yourself. Amelia decides to try out three personalities, complete with individual nicknames: Amie, Mellie, and Lia. She hopes she will find her “thing” and find a way to fit in.

Keeping her three new selves separate in a small town is no small feat. Occasional hiding and quick clothing changes make for some laugh out loud moments.

A fun and satisfying story, Amelia Gray Is Almost Okay, is filled with page turning mystery, creativity, and characters you want to meet.

Reading age 10 – 13 years

Available for purchase March 28, 2023

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