This book delivers. Fantasy, adventure, friendship, history, mythology - it’s all here. Perry’s compelling story starts in present day Atlanta, Georgia. It’s cold and rainy as the school year ends for our friends, Cameron, Zion, and Aliyah. As the descendant, Cameron accidentally opens the door to the mythological land of Chidani which is tied to our world through a magical book cared for by Cameron’s family.

Jamar Perry brings us into both the present-day world and families of these adventurers as he layers in history, Igbo mythology, and other African legends. The friends learn about themselves and both worlds as they battle to save Chidani and our world. It’s a fun read. I won’t say more about the plot so you can enjoy it on your own.

What I will say is how impressed I have been with Bloomsbury Children’s Book catalog. They consistently publish books that are engaging and relevant to all children. Cameron Battle and the Hidden Kingdoms will join that list and will be available for purchase in February of 2021.

Grades 4 -6

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