One of the Rick Riordan Presents series, focusing on the Mesopotamian gods and legends. You don’t have to know who Gilgamesh or Ishtar are to enjoy this tale set in Manhattan, but having a little knowledge of the ancient stories will add to the adventure. The tale of Gilgamesh is one of the oldest written stories we have in western culture. I would suggest at least reading a summary of that tale first, not because you must to enjoy City of the Plague God, but because you’ll enjoy this story even more if you have a little background.

Thirteen-year-old Sik is just living his everyday life going to school and working at his parents’ deli in Manhattan. One night a couple demons, who work for an ancient Mesopotamian god come by the deli in search of something… and Sik will have to figure out what it is they want and how it involves his family.

Along the way Sik will meet Ishtar, goddess of love and war, and her adopted human daughter Belet who is quite a warrior in her own right. As the title suggest the God wreaking havoc on the city, causes sickness and death. Sik must find what the god is looking for, battle the Plague god, and restore health to those who live in Manhattan, including his parents. The key to his success lies with his brother Mo who is dead, but if you know anything about Mesopotamian mythology, death is not always the end.

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