Calling all dungeoneers! Looking for adventure? Smart enough to know not to split up the party? Dungeoneer Adventures is a highly illustrated story, for kids looking for a fun read.  Fans of LARPS (live action role play games) and D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) will love it. But you don’t need to be a D&D player to enjoy going to Dungeoneer Academy with Coop and his friends.

Coop is the only human at the academy so readers will meet a wide array of beings who all desire to be dungeoneers. As you’d expect each student has their own set of skills and everyone’s skills will be tested. It’s the end of the school year and each team will run the final gauntlet in the Fungal Jungle—unfortunately things don’t go according to plan!

Fun for all adventure seekers. Great for reluctant readers.

Grades 3 – 7

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This book is available for preorder – publication date May 31, 2022