Poet Meg Eden Kuyatt has written this very approachable novel-in-verse about Selah, a neurodivergent girl, who sees herself as a dragon stuck in a human body. She does her best to learn how to navigate school like a “normal” person until one day a misunderstanding on her part and more importantly by others around her could see her expelled from the school she loves.

The funny thing is, the book is written is such a way that most people will be able to identify with Selah. Yes, her issues are more pronounced, but most of them are feelings we all have to varying degrees, especially in school. Good Different is a great book for everyone to understand what it can be like to think differently as well as an excellent read for young people to understand their own stresses and responses.

A great book for parents, too. Available April 4, 2023 or for pre-order now.

Ages 8 to 12 years.

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