As an avid reader of Middle Grade fantasy and someone with a love for Celtic mythology, I took on Kelcie Murphy. A new story to be released in March 2022.

My review is an overall good rating. The story follows the current trend of starting with big action before we know anything of the world. It’s very formulaic in the beginning. An apparent orphan, the heir or chosen one, ties to a magical world, and you guessed it, a magical school where students are divided into groups according to abilities.

If you stick with the story, Erika Lewis’ characters are worth the wait. Kelcie’s warrior group or fianna is comprised of diverse students who grow and learn together at the Academy of Unbreakable Arts. A school run by Scáthach, a name which will be known to any of you who enjoy Celtic mythology.

On the plus side, a secretive world, elemental powers, quests, plenty of surprises along the way. An enjoyable read for lovers of the genre.

Grades 4 - 6