Our last Summer Reading post focused book series. Now we continue with some great stand-alone fantasy novels.

LIke animal stories? How about a seafaring adventure. Check out Lisa McMann’s Clarice the Brave. Life at sea is dangerous for a small mouse. There’s a lot of depth to this story. Life lessons come in all sizes. You can check out my full review here…  https://ivyartz.com/mgreviews/mgreviewspost.php?permalink=clarice-the-brave-
For more adventure check out some of Lisa McMann's other books here...

Are dragons your fantasy choice? If so, Heros of Havensong: Dragonboy by Megan Reyes, may be the new novel for you. A boy turned dragon, a dragon rider, a witch and more. Not every land has a tradition of a king being eaten by a dragon every 25 years, but Gerbera does. Learn more here…

Just out in April 2023, Once There Was by Kiyash Monsef. Following the secret world in plain sight sub-genre, this story tells of a veterinarian to mythical creatures whose daughter has to take his place. And it’s a dangerous path.
Learn more here…

Happy Reading.