When is a school of magic not so great? When you’re not able to work spells and end up on the cleaning crew. That’s what happens to Cara Moone. She has a hard time focusing on school works, but she’s great with a broom and in a crisis. At Dragonsong School of Magic you’ll learn that magic leaves residue… and someone has to clean it up.

When I first saw a review of this story I thought, no, not another magic school, chosen-one prophecy book. No thank you! But guess what? This book is a delight. Full of humor and adventure. By the way, the chosen-one is Cara’s nemesis and the prophecy, to paraphrase Cara, is more than a bit vague, aren’t they always.

You’ll be surprised what a MOP (Magical Occurrence Purger) can do. Magic’s messy – someone has to clean it up.

Grades 3 - 7