Dan Gemeinhart has another best seller on his hands. The Midnight Children is a story about finding home and family on a higher level. On an everyday level it is a story about choices and repercussions. I saw another review that describes the story as a teaching fable—I think that’s about right.

The children in the story feel real whether they are lonely and in search of a friend, or bullies taking out their hurt on others. Readers will love the quirks and heart of the children as they build relationships and find their place in the town. The beginning may be difficult for sensitive readers as it revolves around a slaughter house and a bullied child. That said, for many children it will ring true. So is your young reader having a difficult time and wants feel seen in a book, or would they prefer a book that takes them away from it all. In The Midnight Children, everything makes sense as the story progresses and delivers a rather Pollyanna ending.

The mystery of the children who arrive in town in the middle of the night, with no adults, will keep most readers intrigued as they follow the timid and lonely protagonist, Ravani Foster. His curiosity leads the reader through every emotion from the joy of frog catching and finding a friend to the agony of being targeted by the town bully.

How can children make a difference in the town of Slaughterville? Choices.

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