Fall is in the air, so it’s time to review a mystery series for young readers. The Mystery of Black Hollow Lane finds 12-year-old Emmy being placed into yet another school by her child psychologist mom. The only difference is this time she’s being shipped off to a boarding school in England while her mother works on a television show.

The setting is enigmatic and full of new experiences as well as new friends and adversaries. The real mystery for Emmy revolves around her father, who attended this school and was part of a secretive club. Her father disappeared years ago, but left a box of strange medallions for Emmy. What could they possibly be? She’ll have to research in the library and search the grounds with her new friends to discover the medallions significance and you know there will be danger!

Mystery readers will enjoy this exciting tale and what makes it even better is you don’t have to leave Emmy’s world. The sequel is The Secret of White Stone Gate.

Grade 3 - 7

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