This month I’m reviewing classics and a trip to Oz is a great summer read for young and old. But only for those looking to grow their imagination!

If you’re thinking you know the story because you’ve seen the movie, you’re in for a big surprise. The classic film does a good job of combining characters. For example, the pink bubbled Glinda in the movie is a composite of the good witch of the North who wears white and her sister in the South who wears red. The movie leaves out some wondrous lands. Behind a wall there is a land where everything and everyone is made of china. Once something, or someone breaks they’re never quite the same even after a repair. If you love the movie, you’ll love learning more about Oz and Dorothy’s silver shoes.

I usually list the age for readers, but this one is tricky. Some parents say as young as 8 years and the story can be read as a family even earlier. The publisher suggests a little older it can be scary and it’s not written with today’s sensibilities, but neither was the movie.

This is where I generally put a link to the author or publisher’s website, but this classic can be purchased at any bookseller you prefer. There are many editions including the 100th anniversary. Just make sure you get an unabridged version and enjoy.