Looking for a good winter read? How about a book to keep you guessing and solving puzzles? Winterhouse meets both those needs and more.

Eleven-year-old Elizabeth Somers finds herself whisked out of her dreary life with her aunt and uncle, and sent for three weeks to the Winterhouse Hotel. The vast hotel is full of fun, good food, sledding, swimming, a giant library, and even magic. Elizabeth gets caught up in a mystery involving the family that owns the hotel - placing her in a dangerous situation.

From word ladders to breaking codes there is plenty to keep readers minds engaged. Bristol’s artwork throughout the book provides a quirky fun feel to the adventure. Best of all if you enjoy Winterhouse there are two more books in the series.

Ages 9 and up. Grades 4 – 7.

Learn more at the author’s website (including puzzles and codes)…