The Mother Bruce series books are witty, and just plain fun to read. The books are written with humor for children of any age and adults. I’m always careful about children’s books that spend too much time on making the parents laugh, but I think Ryan Higgins does a nice job of providing humor for everyone without taking away from the stories. To be honest these books are really about the wonderful art, which is whimsical and detailed. They are also about family.
In the series a crabby old bear named Bruce becomes the unexpected caretaker of four goslings. He learns the messy, wonderful truths of caring for others. Bruce stays true to his grumpy character through the series: Mother Bruce, Hotel Bruce, and Bruce’s Big Move. If you’re a lover of Calvin and Hobbs' “Calvin Ball” you are sure to enjoy “Frying Pan Ball”. You can find detailed (?) directions for the game at the end of Bruce’s Big Move. Read and enjoy!