Today we review Elsa Beskow's classic, Peter's Old House. While story comes out of the twentieth century, it not only still holds up, but in typical Elsa Beskow style, the children in this book show independence, wisdom, and capability.
Our story starts with Peter, an old sailor who knows many languages and knows how to fix everything. He lives in a small town and gladly comes to the aid of anyone who needs help, whether it's fixing a clock or a child's hurt leg. He also makes beautiful toy sail boats for the children of the town. Peter helps everyone, but no one ever thinks to pay him.
An official comes to town and declares that Peter's house (which is in a bad way) must be fixed or it will be torn down. The children come together with a plan to aid Peter. There is a lot to talk about in this book, from travel and languages, building and home repair, and helping those around us. We love a story where the children take the lead in solving problems.