I often recommend concerned parents go to the CDC or Mayo Clinic website for the most up to date information, that said, this is an extremely helpful resource book for parents. It covers the ins and outs of childhood diseases so you can know when to relax and when to take action.
It can be frustrating to deal with infections as your child goes off to daycare or preschool, but most of these are viruses that build up your child’s immune system and are relatively benign (although no one feels that way when the whole family is sick for the 3rd time this year). It’s important to know what’s normal and what infections or symptoms could be a serious problem.
There is a particularly helpful table on communicable diseases as well as full chapters on many diseases so you can have a full understanding of how a disease is caught, the incubation period, symptoms, what to do, and when should your child return to preschool or daycare.
The Parent’s Survival Guide to Daycare Infections is a handy resource book for any parent to have at home.