Today's Book Review for The Preschool Parent Primer is by Carolyn Schuyler, LCSW, and Executive Director of Wildrock, a  nature playscape in Crozet, VA.

As the director of Wildrock, a nature playscape and discovery center that has many preschool visitors, I am delighted to have Pam Evans’ book, The Preschool Parent Primer as an essential resource to share with parents. Full of stories and practical skills to implement, I can think of no better resource to support parents in effectively caring for preschoolers. Pam is a master teacher beloved in our community for her wise, compassionate care of children and her ability to support and nurture parents. Her knowledge and expertise is distilled in The Preschool Parent Primer, making it a go-to resource for parents wanting to better understand and care for their children. She understands the challenges parents face and frames mistakes as opportunities. Throughout the pages of this book is Pam’s clear respect for the young child’s emerging competence and strategies for supporting children in making good decisions to meet their needs. Each chapter focuses on core concepts of concern for parents, from how to choose a preschool and how to pick activities that promote healthy child development. As an added bonus, the book is full of useful recommended resources and activities. The Preschool Parent Primer is a true gift to parents and children, and will no doubt be passed from one family to the next as an essential parenting guide.