Welcome to the JaNay Brown-Wood’s Where in the Garden series. Amara’s Farm, Miguel’s Community Garden, Logan’s Greenhouse, and Linh’s Rooftop (joining the series March 21, 2023) To be clear, these are teaching books that include a story. The overarching theme is anyone can garden anywhere. These books are good reads especially for those of you ready to get out there and grow plants with your child.

Learn about different plants and maybe pick one or two to grow with your preschooler. Linh learns about blueberries. Logan needs to find the carrots for a pet party. Miguel needs help finding sunflowers for a celebration. Amara’s Family Farm has various crops to be discovered, including the pumpkin patch.

Fun series for a family and a great series for any preschool.

Each book includes a recipe.

Recommended for 3-7 years.

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