If you know me, you know my family and I love playing games together. It's not just fun family time. Games help preschoolers practice all kinds of skills. Children can practice counting, sorting, learning colors, and those all important social skills. Waiting for a turn takes practice. Winning and losing both require practiced social skills, especially when the play includes people outside of the immediate family.
We are lucky to live at a time when there are so many great games for young children - many can be played both competitively or cooperatively (meaning the players all win or lose as a team together). It's good to learn to play both ways. Being able to make decisions as an individual and as part of a group are necessary like skills.

Feed Fuzzy is great for counting and color skills. For the 2year to 4year olds Haba's Bubble Bath Bunny and Hanna Honey Bee are lots of fun. (See pictures above) https://www.habausa.com
For a few more game ideas check out last December's post on the Preschool Parent Blog which includes a couple of my all time favorite preschooler games. https://ivyartz.com/blog/blogpost.php?permalink=games-for-the-holidays-