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Your first child is about to go to preschool, or perhaps you and your preschooler just moved to a new town, far from family. Whom do you trust? Where do you find answers to your questions? For years I have helped families in these situations. I realized I was answering the same questions for many parents each year, so I organized the information, and built a list of best practices, and trusted resources. The list, which has been updated year after year for workshops, parent meetings, conferences, and panicked phone calls from parents—has become The Preschool Parent Primer.

The Preschool Parent Primer is a conversation about many issues that concern parents including: what to look for in a preschool; how to develop a positive parent-teacher relationship; what normal behavior for a particular age looks like; the importance of routines, socialization, regular sleep, toilet training, nature education, and more.

Hear from the experts:

"I wish I had read a book like this one when my children were small. New parents have so much to sort through, and they only see a small group of children including their own. This book gives you the advantage of the experience of someone who has thoughtfully observed thousands of children and their families."

      Julie Baird, Director SEP, Curry School of Education, UVA

"I have wished for this book for years. A book to hand to parents as they navigate the often-confusing preschool years with their children. It is informative, based on years of experience working with young children and their parents, and it is very user friendly. Thank you, Pam!"

      Dianne Bearinger, Waldorf Early Childhood Educator, Parenting Coach & Certified Postpartum Doula

"The early childhood and preschool years are critical ones in terms of preparing a child for successful learning in the years that follow. This book provides parents with easy-to-understand tips on picking the right preschool for their child which is so important. What’s even better is that it helps parents of preschoolers understand how their child learns and the importance of age-appropriate learning experiences. Best of all, it gives parents easy to implement examples of how to extend learning experiences in the home environment, thus beginning a pattern of being actively involved in their child’s learning."

      JoAnn Dexter, Retired Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Thornton Township High School District 205, South Holland, Illinois.

Absolute must for all parents and grandparents of young children. Pamela Evans knows what she is talking about. She gives examples of what to expect and how to handle challenges. Parenting is the most important job in the world and parents of youngsters need all the help they can get. I highly recommend giving The Preschool Parent Primer to all young families.

      Carolyn O’Neal, Author and Environmentalist

Here’s what parents are saying…

“There are many wonders and stresses of having a preschool aged child. This book helps with the stresses so you can relax and enjoy more of the wonders. The book is organized according to questions that parents may have so answers, and more importantly, information is easily found. Pam's writing is clear and to the point. It is a must read for all parents sending their kid off to preschool for the first time.”

“Pam's knowledge surrounding early childhood education is so well put forth in her book. I am so happy that I have this incredibly insightful resource to turn to when I have questions regarding preschool. It makes for a great guide for parents and caregivers.”

“An invaluable resource for choosing a preschool and navigating the preschool years. This book has been such a helpful resource as we begin to navigate the preschool years. The Preschool Parent Primer is an easy to read and comprehensive guide to choosing a school, adjusting to preschool, communicating with teachers, and overview of the behavioral norms of a preschool-aged child. Pam makes clear how a preschool-aged child learns and optimal situations that lead to learning. The Preschool Parent Primer really gave me permission to accept the feelings I was experiencing as our child was placed into the care of others for the first time and confidence in knowing I had done my research and thoroughly thought about my choices. I highly recommend this book.”

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