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Music At Home - Part 2

In Music at Home Part 2, we’ll do a short sample music session. You can always extend this session by following your child's lead for movement, dancing, and singing. Repetition is key for developing internal beat.

Remember It should be music that’s fun for you and your child.

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Art and Free Play

Parents often ask me, "What's the one thing you would recommend I do at home for my preschooler?" To be honest my answer changes. I might say, "Outdoor explore time everyday." or "Have a nature table or area in your home for all those natural treasures your child brings inside."
Today my answer is to have an art area at home where your child can freely play with art materials.

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Turtle Bread

‘Tis the season for some baking fun. There are so many goodies to make: cookies, cakes, and special family recipes.  Baking with your child is great fun as long as you plan a day when you are not rushed and you take your time to get all the ingredients ready before you start.

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Baking with Preschoolers

You don’t have to be an amazing cook or baker to enjoy time in the kitchen with your child. It’s best to include your child on a regular basis. I know some young adults who struggle to prepare their own food. Cooking with a child will take you a little longer in the kitchen, but you will be providing your child with a life skill – and it can be a lot of fun if you follow 3 simple rules…

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