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Immunizations – We all want the same thing – Healthy Children

Preventable disease complications and deaths are adding up in the US, Europe, and other locations. Vaccines worked so well that we have all forgotten what it was like before we had them.
My parents were born in the 1920’s and hearing their stories of neighbors with polio, complications from measles or mumps, and deaths from whooping cough makes me so thankful that I have grown up and raised my family in the era of immunizations.

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Preschoolers and Germs!

Like it or not your child, and your family, will be exposed to all kinds of lovely germs and viruses when your child heads off to preschool. For the most part this is good. This is how immune systems are built. That said, no one wants to be sick more than necessary and no one wants to bring home any serious illness - so what can you do?

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Back to Basics. Let’s talk about the importance of Sleep.

Having young children is a great time to reevaluate your family routines. What’s good for your children is often what’s good for you too. I cannot say enough about the importance of sleep for everyone in the family and yet it is so often the one thing we just don’t seem to have time for as parents and we often give poor sleeping habits to our children. Instead let’s give them the life gift of good healthy sleep!

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