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A New School Year

Hello parents of preschoolers, here we go again, starting a new school year. It’s a busy time and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the things you think you should be doing for your child. You may even feel pressure to sign your preschooler up for extra social, physical, or academic activities. I know several parents who have confided to me, that they feel like they are taking on too much, but they want what’s best for their child. If that sounds like you, read on!

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Caring for a preschooler is exhausting, no matter how much you love your child. Everyone has those days, even months where lack of sleep, endlessly chasing your little one, no personal time, and parental worries get you down. No matter how many "look how wonderfully I'm parenting" posts you see on Facebook, you need to know that feeling overwhelmed is normal!

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Big Emotions and Tears

As a parent, there are times when it can be painfully difficult to watch your child cry. It can upset you in many ways. You may feel embarrassed in public or exhausted at home.  You may even go into an extremely stressed state feeling helpless and unable to guide your child. Good news; Crying is normal, necessary, and healthy for your preschooler. This week we will discuss how you can help your child and why it’s important to let your child work through the tears.

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Preschoolers and Adult Hate Crimes

For parents raising preschoolers it is important to remember, you are their world.  It is your job to keep their life as normal as possible.  The current national discourse is extremely divisive, but these are adult problems.  It is important not to put undo pressure on a young child.

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