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Home Dads!

Walk down any street in Stockholm, Sweden and you will see many parents pushing their preschoolers in strollers. As an American you may be surprised that dads are pushing most of those strollers. The Swedish economy can’t afford to leave out half the work force and gender equality is the law so parents take turns on maternity and paternity leave with their children.
America is not Sweden, but change is here.

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A New School Year

Hello parents of preschoolers, here we go again, starting a new school year. It’s a busy time and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the things you think you should be doing for your child. You may even feel pressure to sign your preschooler up for extra social, physical, or academic activities. I know several parents who have confided to me, that they feel like they are taking on too much, but they want what’s best for their child. If that sounds like you, read on!

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Leaving Your Comfort Zone!

Having children is called the great equalizer for many reasons. Rich, poor, various backgrounds, as parents we all share many of the same concerns, joys, and difficulties. Raising young children is a great growth opportunity for adults and often forces you into uncomfortable situations. If you can learn to see these situations as positive growth for you it can change your life, or at least enhance it.

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Wonder and Worry: Becoming a Parent of a Preschooler. (part 1)

When it comes to raising your little one, parents can be overwhelmed by the emotions of wonder and worry. A new world opens up before you and you see things you used to take for granted in a new light. At the same time each bruise, word, or action of your little one (or people around your little one) can cause you to question and worry about everything and anything.

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